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Mini Cool Edge IO (MCIO) Connector Cable

This month we recommend you new products to give your engineers new knowledge and understanding in design and application.


Mini Cool Edge IO (MCIO) 85 Ohm X8 X16 vertical socket supports the building block architecture in system design and can connect PCBs with different functions.


  • Provide flexibility for where/how signals are used in the system
  • Replaces PCB traces and PCB connector interfaces to provide higher performance channels
  • In-line, right-angle and lateral outlet cable options available for custom wiring
  • Complete product portfolio supports hybrid cable assemblies
  • Thin connector design saves space
  • MCIO 85 ohm supports PCIe5.0 (32 Gbps) and SAS4 (24 Gbps)
  • Multiple cable outlets for cabling functions
  • Board mount connector mounting type


The relative pictures are enclosed for kind viewing, drawing and quotation

Will be offered upon request.